Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No Post Yesterday

Here is the card I did quickly last night. I used light purple cardstock as the base. I layered patterned paper over a pink cuttlebugged embossed mat, then tied with a bow. Then I stamped the image which I colored with watercolor markers. The image was matted on purple textured cardstock. I put some glitter glue around the edge of the flower image, then I stamped the sentiment. I layered the buttons on the bottom. The colors match more closely IRL. I used the portable photo studio, but it looks like it was crooked. ( I did it in a hurry!) I like this layout, not totally pleased with this particular card. Maybe since I am not a big fan of the color purple. I think this is the layout I will use for my Christmas cards. Quick and easy.
Today is the middle of my work week and I feel like I have already been here for 30 days. I love my job, but I am tired. Of course, it has been a rough couple of days because it is time to send owner statements. It usually takes a couple of days to go through the statements to ensure all charges are applied, etc. Hopefully now that they are in the mail and posted, the rest of the work week will fly by! *Wishful thinking, right?*
Our little gravel road got paved yesterday. It is fabulous! My son related the experience to the scene in 'Cars' when Lightning McQueen fixed the road in Radiator Springs. I love it! Now, if we could just get our driveway paved, we'd be set. Our driveway is a challenge to say the least. It's gravel, the grade is so steep, and when it gets ruts when it rains hard. I have to have my Jeep in 4WD to get up the darn thing. We are trying to get someone to smooth it out, but so is everyone else; they are all booked up.


Flossie's Follies said...

Love the embossed paper and the pattern paper is wonderful. Lovely card

Sharon said...

Very pretty card!!

crissi said...

pretty card love the colours

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