Sunday, September 9, 2007

Post Sting Ziggy

Well, it took a few days, but I finally got around to getting a snapsot of Ziggy. As you can see, his face has returned to its normal size and shape. He is a cutie and as I have said before I am happy that there was no permanent damage done.

I have been coloring like a madwoman today. Right now I have about 6 colored and have several more to go. A friend and I are going to have a booth at a local festival here in the small town I live it. It's called the On Cosby Festival and it is held once a year. It features local artisans and other vendors. Anyway, she and I are making cards and other small papercrafts to sell. I am hoping that my work is good enough to earn a few bucks! Right now, I'm working on a few Christmas selections. I have no idea how much to make, but I do know that I will make them simple enough to recreate in an assembly line fashion. After all, we have little more than a month to get everything ready.
I got my Prismas sharpened and have been using the heck out of them. My thumb is so sore from twisting the pencil to sharpen it...I almost got a blister. Dang!
My son had neon orange hair yesterday and somehow the neon got everywhere! I am noticing it in the strangest places. **Note to self--NEVER buy hair paint again!** It is a pain. Thank heavens it's a water soluble product and cleans up pretty easy. But, never again!
Cody and I are baking brownies; the kind with walnuts. Yummmmm! Only one minute left!! Sure wish I could share with you. I had been doing so good with my weight loss and now I am back to the bad habits. Guess I need to get back on the wagon pretty soon.


Corie said...

Oh cannot wait to see you creations for the fair.

Glad to hear/see that Ziggy is back to normal -- he is such a cutie pie!

Theresa said...

All the best in your sales!!! We all need a bit of that to support our habit!!! hehehe

Stampin' Meg said...

I am so glad that your pup is okay. My lab got stung on the nose and it swelled up super bad!!!