Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pumpkin Card

Here is my card for today. I got this set from Ebay and this is the first opportunity I have had to use it. I think it's cute enough, but none of my ink pads was juicy enough. The middle fella is pop dotted for dimension. I may add some grass to the pumpkins later today. The ribbon matches exactly IRL....this camera is going any day, I am sure of it. Maybe it'll take better pics once I get the photo studio on a box that I ordered. Don't know.

I stopped at the LSS in Sevierville on Monday and got some stuff from the clearance center. This LSS has a clearance center just a few doors down from the main store. Anywho, thought the circle and square punches would come in handy and at 1/2 off the regular price, you can't leave it at the store, right?? I also picked up the All Night Media ink pads for like $1.50. I haven't used them before, but at that price, you gotta try them. I got the stamp and the StazOn at the main store. I've been looking for StazOn Jet Black for sometime and they finally got it in.
I got all my cute snowmen cut apart and I cut a few of them out the circle punch. Man, you gotta have some muscles to use that thing!! Geez!!! Anyway, I then cut out some scallop circles with my wishblade. A few of them cut kinda strange, but I cut extra so no harm done. I used a yellow Bazzill Bling. Sparkles, you gotta love it! Once I get them on cards, I'll share them with you.
I stamped with my new flower stamp from Hero Arts. Cute! Guess I'll be coloring those in for the rest of my life....HAHAHH Maybe not that long! I feel like I am finally making progress and once I have a product finished, I'll feel even better.
Well, since Tandra informed me that indeed, chocolate can be used as a pain reliever, you will be happy to know that I am no longer in pain. Had to hit the brownie pan a little hard on Monday!
Our neighbors are giving us a pen to hold Ziggy in. He has started to roam the woods and wandered into the road. He's too small to leave the house and he seems to get loose with any other form of containment. Maybe this will work for us. I hope we can get it put up and start using it today. It's a 10x10 pen, so it's plenty big enough, we just don't have a big enough yard to place it where it needs to be. Our land is mostly wooded and certainly not flat! We'll figure it out; and by that, I mean Duke will figure it out!


Flossie's Follies said...

Love your pumpkins wonderful card, and looks like you scored at the clearance center, how great, those punches come in so handy.

Corie said...

Oh my that card is oh so adorable!!

Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

awww your card is so sweet... like your stash shopping!!!