Friday, September 7, 2007

Sad News

If you have been reading my posts for the past few days you know that we have a dear friend in a coma. I just found out that they took her off life support and she has passed away. I will miss her and will pray for her family. This all happened so suddenly and her family has been through so much already. My heart goes out to them in this time of need. Please pray for them if you can, they really need all the strength they can get.

I will be posting two creations tomorrow sometime; as well as a picture of my sweet Ziggy.


Corie said...

So sorry about your news. I will definitely keep the family in my thoughts and prayers.

Sadie B said...

Sorry to hear your sad news, my thoughts are with you & your friends family.
I sadly had a funeral on this day last week for a close friend of only 43. It is such hard times.