Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ziggy and More

Ziggy's face and demeanor have returned to normal. He finally looks like himself again...I am very happy about that. Strange how the swelling went down in areas and gradually. Yesterday he still had a double, droppy chin and today the swelling is completely gone. I'll have to get an "after" picture tonight.

Jack, our other dog (ironically a Jack Russell), is outside barking like crazy. I went to investigate (from the safe distance of the deck), and he is barking at the ground near the edge of our tree line. I can only assume that it is a snake. There is a price to pay for the beauty and tranquility we want...that price is critters roaming about. In fact, last fall and winter we had a family of raccoons coming every single night to feed on our food scraps. Although we loved witnessing them get fat and enjoy our offerings, they started to destroy our property and we had to run them off. We no longer offer them food and they have stopped coming around. We are total nature and wildlife lovers, but you have to draw the line when they start to destroy things. I think we went through about four birdfeeders and they liked to sleep in the swing...what a smell!!!

I made a card tonight. I used just plain white cardstock for the base, then added a strip of PP. I added a cuttlebugged mat out of cardstock and added the polka dot paper after I rounded the corners, then tied it with a bow. WOW! That bow tying took forever. I am still not sure that I like how the bow looks, but it will have to do. Then I added another cardstock mat and covered it with PP. I round the corners of both pieces. Next I used watercolor marker on the stamp to create the image. I used two different colors of green for the stems and leaves. I then added the bling as the centers of the flowers. ( I have since corrected the pink one that was falling off.) So glad I caught that before the glue dried. I cut the scallop circle with my Wishblade some time ago. I think that the next time I cut some I'll cut them a bit smaller; they seem to overwhelm the project. The scallop circle and the stamped image are mounted with pop dots for dimension. I think I might actually like this one.

Cody has his spelling pre-test tomorrow and I hope that he does well. He seems to have had a harder time with these words than in the past few weeks. If he gets 100% tomorrow, he doesn't have to take the test on Friday. So, in all actuality as long as he passes in Friday, he is fine. I just really want him to do his best the first time around. Sometimes I think that my "prodding" may discourage him more than I want it to. I am just sooooo competitive and it is hard to sit back and let the child learn by himself and at his own pace. I am lucky in that he comes home just about everyday telling me how great first grade is. I am so darn proud of the boy and his accomplishments. Seems like everytime we take him somewhere, people comment on how smart, respectful, and sweet he is. Guess we're doing something right.

Duke brought home a coffee table for us. We haven't had one since Cody was born for fear that he'd crack his head open. The one that we used to have was some sort of kidney shaped glass top one with a strange looking base. This one sorta matches our decor which we decided tonight is either eclectic or shabby chic. HAHAHA We have such an odd assortment of furniture. If we like it, we get it without really giving much thought as to if it will "go" with what we already have. We just do our best to make it work.

Man, I have just rambled on and on. Sorry to be such a chatty Cathy!


mum on the run said...

This is gorgeous,love the colours!

Flossie's Follies said...

The paper you used is great, and love how you placed the stamped image. Great card. Yes, nature can sometimes be challenging, this from a City girl. LOL

Corie said...

So glad that Ziggy is doing better!! Thanks for the email -- my kids and I have been worrying about him.

Your card is so pretty. Love it.

Sadie B said...

This is lovely.

Kirsten said...

Nice card! I like the layout!

Stampin' Meg said...

luv how you worked those lettle jewels!