Monday, October 1, 2007

Black and White

Here is a quick card that I made when I got home from work. I started with a black cardstock base and covered it wth PP from ScrapWorks. Then I cut another piece of PP from the same stack and placed it on the bottom of the card. I covered the seam with black cardstock. The ribbon is centered on the black cardstock strip and is adhered with 3M glue. I used the SU! scallop punch for the ivory layer and then punched a 1 3/8" circle and adhered. The flower is from the SU! Priceless set, it it punched out with 1 1/4" circle punch and adhered with a foam square. I stamped the sentiment with the SU! Petals and Paisley set and punched out with a square punch. It looked a little too big, so I trimmed it down. The black mat is punched out and then trimmed down as well. I used the CAD to make a hole for the brad; then tied the ribbon and adhered to the card front.

I have felt odd all day. Also, I have been running a low grade fever for most of the day. Hope this is not the onset of an illness. I rarely get sick, but these past few years, it seems that it happens a bit more frequently. Maybe because Cody is in school; kids get EVERYTHING! My throat was sore, but I figured that was from *ahem* snoring.

I didn't realize that I snored until about 1 month after Cody was born. The hubby, the baby, and I were asleep (from exhaustion) on the sofas. I was alseep, but the kind of sleep where you can't move, open your eyes, literally paralyzed but you can hear everything. Well, I hear the awfulest (sp?) snoring sounds EVER and was praying that Duke would wake up and stop. Man, it was annoying!! In any case, I mustered the strength to open my eyes a sliver and noticed a figure in the doorway (the front door is glass) and realized that the awful snoring was coming from....ME! Talk about embarrassed! Duke was staring at me and I hopped up off the couch and exclaimed...was that me??!! Of course, it was. Not proud of it, but when you snore so loud you wake yourself up, you might have a snoring problem! I would have never believed him had he told me.

The leaves are already changing here. Well, not changing so much as falling. They are turning an awful golden color and then just falling to the ground. We simply have not had enough rain to get the foliage that we normally do. I hate it because the area benefits from tourism dollars during this time of year, and this is not a good sign that people will still make the trip if there is nothing to see.

Cody has to read a book a day for the next few months. He already had his second book down pat and read it to me in the car ride home. He has to read to his parents and then the teacher the next day. I think it is a fantastic project and am so happy that he is enjoying it!


Flossie's Follies said...

Love your card, the black and white is awesome. Hope you are feeling better soon, just chalk the snoring up to being overtired, LOL, that is what I do. Think we all snore after the age of 25.

Theresa said...

Stunning! I hope your feeling better too! That card should make anyone feel better! Lovely!