Friday, December 28, 2007

Night Time Visitors

We have a family of raccoons that are visiting us each night. There is a mama and two babies, and we are certain more are coming once we are asleep. There was a pair that we assumed were litter mates that came last year, so it is nice to see her again with her brood. The babies are little furballs, you just wanna grab them and love them....but they are wild animals, so no doing that!

Sorry the pictures are not that great, but I'm trying to get a good shot through glass. {Not ideal}
We have a pan that we kept outside for our dogs; now that our dogs are gone, we have been filling it up with dog food each night for the strays that seem to be accumulating in our area. Well, this is the first night that we saw what was actually eating the food that we leave out there. They come around 7:30 to 8:00 in the evenings.

The mama doesn't seem to be too worried by our presence and watches us watch her. The babies, on the other hand, are a bit nervous. It's fun to see them play, climb, and enjoy the offering we have. Cody just loves it and has been thinking up good names for them all. He so loves animals!
They are pretty destructive animals so I am sure that once the dog food is gone, they will be too. We have already had to buy another bird feeder since they destroyed the other one. Now, we bring it in the house at night and replace it in the morning.
I hope to have a card tomorrow, maybe I'll get back in the groove then! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.


My Paper World said...

The photos are great! Thanks for sharing!

scrappermimi said...

They look adorable, its a shame they are wild. Love that spiced tea jar too!

All Pink girl said...

AAAr they do look so cute ,lucky you so see them every night ,Dawnxx