Sunday, February 17, 2008

You Gotta Wear Shades

Ok, so prepare yourself for a very bright card. I started with a Green Galore cardstock base, and then added the SAB rub-on. The sentiment is also a rub-on, and was added to the right center of the card. {Cody's fingerprints are all over this card}

The polka dot ribbon was a perfect match for this color. I wrapped it around and then tied it in a knot. DONE! Believe it or not, I think this a pretty good card and the color isn't as awful with the addition of the rub-on.

Duke noticed a mouse the other day and I had to pick up some traps at the grocery store. It kills me to harm an animal, but I cannot have a mouse in this house. He set three traps and it got captured overnight. We are leaving the traps out a few more nights just to make sure there aren't any more.

We are having a heck of a wind storm and have lost power a few times this morning. Wind storms are pretty scary for me. We had a horrible storm when I was pregnant and a tree fell on the house in the middle of the night. Thank heavens when Duke built this house, he built it well and the tree only damaged the eaves and the walkway.

I hope to be spending the rest of the day stamping and creating. I have lots of new stamps, inks, and papers that I cannot wait to use. Cody is watching a movie, so perhaps that will give me the few minutes of alone time that I need to get busy. I like to have lots of cards on hand so that I don't have to scramble when we have an event. I have been seeing lots of great boxes on the blogs that I visit, so I plan on making a few of those too.
There is no school tomorrow. I need to call Duke's sister to see if she can keep Cody while Duke is asleep. If not, he has to stay home with his dad.


Ana Baird said...

What a bright a cheerful card! Love the polka dot! it's fabulous!

Catherine said...

sure is bright but loving it =)

Jenn D said...

OMG, this is AMAZING! I love it!