Wednesday, May 7, 2008

RAK from Jenn D

I received this lovely package of 4 cards, two each of the ones shown as well as a mini Post-It key chain from Jenn D some time back and forgot to post it. Aren't they beautiful?! She is so sweet and I am lucky to know her. Thanks Jenn!! Check out her blog, she always posts gorgeous work!

We are hoping to plant some veggies in a little garden patch on our neighbor's land. Last year, they offered us a good sized lot when I complained about not being able to grow anything on ours. We have tilled and bought soil and still can't get anything to grow on our land. I am thankful to have such giving friends and can hardly wait to get some veggies in the ground. We aren't doing much, just tomatoes, peppers, green beans, onions, and probably cabbage. Gardening is a little therapeutic for me and it is so gratifying to know that what you grow nourishes your family.
Duke and Cody are planning to go camping this weekend. I sure hope they do! It would be nice to have a break from them and spend some time doing girl things. My Aunt has recently separated from her hubby and has expressed interest in doing something fun. Maybe we can hit the craft stores in Knoxville, hit the mall, or get our nails done. I am in need of another pedi and can't resist a mani either. I am a total sucker for these self-indulgent sorts of things and I don't get to do them often enough to suit me. LOL


Ana Baird said...

They're lovely! You're a lucky girl!

Lauren said...

Great RAK!

My Paper World said...

Lucky you! They are gorgeous! xx

Jenn D said...

I had completely forgot about sending these. I'm glad you liked them and I'm sitting here blushing at your kind comments.

Have fun with your gardening. I used to grow a bunch of stuff, but with the boys being so young and involved in everything else I got rid of my garden. I love eating stuff I grew myself. I'm sending you a plentiful harvest vibe.