Friday, June 20, 2008

All For You

This card uses Jen's Sketch For You To Try, at least somewhat. It sorta missed the mark, but it works, I suppose.
The game was great and it was nice to see my brother and his family. Victoria (Tori) was great in the game and she runs as quickly as her little, short legs will carry her. She even chased a few of the players down to try ot get them out. Too cute!!
The pizza party was pretty enjoyable too even if the kids were a little loud. We are having a team cookout next Friday where the parents will challenge the kids to a game and then the banquet on the 10th at the stadium, so that gives the boy something to look forward to.
Duke and I finally went shopping for new tennies yesterday. We each got a pair, although he likes mine more than his. I have a feeling he'll be trying to snag mine to wear. He has small feet and mine are huge, so we are able to swap out sometimes, although it's usually him that wins out on that arrangement.
Cody spent the night at a friend's house (also my sitter's son) on Wednesday night, the first time we have ever allowed such a thing to happen. It went well and he is all excited to do it again; not gonna happen too soon however. It felt so strange for the house to be quiet; not sure why it seemed so different than him being at school all day, but it did.


Annapurna said...

Cool card!
We miss them more when they are not around. You will get used to it too.

Lauren said...

This is a fabulous card - love the fun colors and the bella!

My Paper World said...

Gorgeous card Tina! I love the colours! xx

Flossie's Follies said...

this is so cute, love the tag concept. have a great weekend