Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Stamped T-Shirt

Ok, so blogger was being a pain last night and I wasn't able to post on some blogs, I'll try again tonight.

My first day at work went great, except I started running out of steam around 3:00 p.m. ( a time I am used to taking a little siesta!) I did not end up with the job they offered me but instead I am the assistant to the Director of Sales. (Official title is Customer Service Representative) I spent the day in meetings and getting familiar with the company and trying to comprehend what they have planned for me. He may be under the impression that I am super woman or something! LOL Anyway, in my opinion, this job has lots more potential and I am thrilled to have been so sought after.

I made this to send to my friend since I neglected to give her a gift for Mother's Day. I love how colorful it is. Of course, the idea for this is not my own, but that of Nichole Heady. I am certain that you all read her blog and are as inspired by her as I am.

Anyway, I used all PTI stamps from about 3 different sets and Palette inks, except the black which is Brilliance. I just heat set it once it was completed, just to be sure. I'll be sending this with a shirt for her hubby and gifts for her little ones later in the week. It'll be a happy mail day when this package arrives, gifts for the whole family!

You can see how vibrant the colors are and see the detail of the stamp. I sure hope it fits!

Cody's day with the sitter was a little traumatic as her youngest son was a bit of a terror. Hopefully, he gets plenty of rest and is in a better mood tomorrow.


Jenn D said...

Poor Cody. I hope the little boy is easier on him today.

Isn't it wonderful to be sought after? I'm sure you'll do great.

The T-shirt is beautiful and I'm glad you found ink that would work for your project.

Allison said...

Awesome shirt Tina...what a great idea! Congrats on the job...I hear you on the siesta need!

Annapurna said...

Nice job. I wonder how hard it is to do a border around the neck line.

My Paper World said...

What a great gift Tina! and I'm so glad that the jobs going well! xx

Janine said...

What a wonderful job on this t-shirt... and such a fabulous gift.

Flossie's Follies said...

This T shirt is so pretty, your friend will love it. Enjoy the new job, it is night to be fought over.

Cassie said...

Hi!! I'm blurfing again as we are back from vacation!! This shirt is adorable!! Glad to hear about your job - it's nice to wanted isn't it!?!

I wanted to thank you for the lovely card you sent me with the ribbon brads!! You are a generous soul and have blessed me so much!! It will be much later in the week before I'll be able to acknowledge your RAK on my blog, but it will be there. I just wanted you to know right away that I received it and L.O.V.E. the card!!!

Thanks girl!!

Lauren said...

This is beautiful and so creative - nice job!

Lynn said...

This is such a beautiful handmade gift, your friend is going to love it! (I know I would).