Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Weekend Sketch Challenge

All those well wishes and prayers worked! The company I interviewed with called me yesterday and I have a "trial run" for the job I want on Wednesday. Pray that they love me and decide that they can't live without me!! I really want them to offer me the job, it's just perfect for me.

This is a very simple card, so again, I'll skip the details. The image is one of my favorites, you gotta love an adorable monkey.
Cody has his first of four games tonight. He only gets a break from playing on Wednesday. He is thrilled! Pray it doesn't rain us out tonight, we have tons of food for the concession stand.

Duke has been pressure cleaning the deck and we hope it comes clean. The raccoons that visit bring mud and gunk with them and the deck looks deplorable. Once he gets it clean, we'll be putting some Thompson's Water Seal on it. Hopefully, that will prevent some of this in the future. I have doubts because we had the wood sealed prior to this anyway.

Cupcake is still doing fine and we have finally gotten her house broken. Of course, she tinkles a bit when she's excited, but I can live with it and figure she will eventually outgrow it.
I made some cookies last night and the boys have them almost gone. Of course, nothing really lasts a long time around here. We do like to eat.


Allison said...

So cute...neat color combo with the hanging monkey Tina!

Jenn D said...

Congrats on the trial run! That is fantastic.

I think your card is adorable.

Gwammabella said...

Love them both! Congrats on getting the dog trained so quickly. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Hugs! Jackie