Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Tilda

This is another of the images that the sweet Nicola sent to me; I just love them all and will be really sad when they are gone. Of course, with the number of them she sent, it could be a while. Thanks so much Nicola! The ribbon is a rich chocolate color, not sure why it is photographing black.

This card was based on a sketch from MFT, you can check Cindy Haffner's blog. She has lots of gorgeous cards.

My sitter was a no show on Tuesday, so Cody had to come to work with me. Since her family is visiting, I am not meeting her near home, but instead near work. Let me tell you that the idea of him being with me at work and as a new employee was a bit frightening, but I brought him with me so that I could make some calls for an alternate plan. My direct manager as well as the publisher were so gracious and told me he could stay for the whole day since they really needed me (things happen, it was no problem at all). They gave him a laptop, hooked him to the internet and he played computer games for the remainder of the day. He also assisted me with making press kits and getting work off the printer and to my manager's desk, etc. He did so well and I am soooo proud of him. He and I both got several comments about his good behavior and manners during that day as well as when I returned to work on Wednesday. I'm thinking about bringing cupcakes or something for the office since all of them really made me feel ok about having him there. Phew!!

And, Duke helped the Gatlinburg police with a burglary. Two fellas broke in and stole a cash register from a business, Duke witnessed the suspicious activity of two of his guests, and helped the police find the stolen register and the boys. Turns out that his guests had committed the crime and eventually confessed. I had to type his police statement on Tuesday night; it helps that he used to be in law enforcement. I am super proud of him too, but hope this doesn't spark some sort of desire to return to this line of work.


Allison said...

I love your Tilda esp. against the BG of black and white polka dots! And lucky you having such great co-workers!

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Oh how cute!!! I just love the rich colors and the way you shaded her pants!!

Lauren said...

This is just super cute! I love the coloring.

Deb Neerman said...

Love this!!! Your coloring skillz are to-die for!!

Ummm, you DO have some fun-filled, action packed days, huh?!?


Janine said...

Great card... These aren't my style but I love to see what others do with them.

Annapurna said...

Cool coloring and love the papers you used.

Nice coworkers and good for you for having Duke around.

Ana Baird said...

Great Tilda and card!

AlienAnessa said...

Holy crap, lady, what a gorgeous card!! I too love how you colored Tilda, your ability just rocks my socks!!

You are ever so fortunate to have such cool office folks, then again, I'll bet they could tell that you're worth it and that's one of the reasons everyone was so cool about it. Plus you and I have talked about how we raise our kids, so I would have expected nothing less than how Cody behaved!!