Monday, July 28, 2008

Glass Coasters

I found this set of coasters at Dollar General for $5.00 per set. I picked up two sets this time around and hope they still have some once I am able to go back. They are nice and heavy and have rubber grips on the bottom. Not sure how well they will absorb condensation, but they sure are pretty.

Each is different and I tried to match the coaster color. I used SU! and Palette inks and PTI Birds of a Feather.

I also made a matching card of sorts as these will be going to my boss and his wife for their 5th anniversary this Saturday. I am not sure of their style, but hope these will fit in their home somehow.

I was baking cookies yesterday, tripped over the rug and dropped the whole darn sheet pan full on the floor. Let me tell ya, it's a horrible sight! This just isn't going to be my week for cooking it seems.


Lauren said...

Very nice! I love them and hope they hold up for you.

Jena said...

What fun projects you have posted on your blog - I will definitely be coming back to see more! TFS!

Oh, and sorry you've had such bad luck cooking this week ;-)

Allison said...

Another neat must live at the dollar store like me (hee hee!).

Janine said...

These are awesome!!! And I love the frdige magnets... What great projects!

Annapurna said...

Sorry you lost all your cookies. I love these coasters. Cool stamping too. I need to run to the dollar store and get some.

Deb Neerman said...

Ummm, we're gonna need to keep you outta the kitchen this week, Tina! Things aren't lookin' so good in there!!

Love these coasters; very creative and soooo clever. I know I'd love to receive them ... I'm sure they'll love 'em too!

~Hugs, Deb

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

These are fantastic. I'm sure your boss will love them. What a great find! I love what you did with them.

malieta said...

Super cute coasters and your image and colors are awesome! After looking at your images, I'm seriously thinking about buying this set:)

AlienAnessa said...

Cookies, yummy, makes me conjure up smells of choco chip cookies right out of the oven!!

Those coaster are the bomb, what an awesome gift, seriously!! Criminy, those people you work with had better appreciate you because they wouldn't want to see me angry!!!! =)