Friday, August 1, 2008


I made these in the wee hours of the morning for my co-workers parents.

The last 12 hours have not been good to me. Last night, I got stuck in my driveway. Now, I do not have a flat, paved driveway by any stretch of the imagination and most times you need to have a 4-wheel drive to get up. But, for whatever reason, I could not get up the blasted thing to save my life.

Then, this morning, I slipped on a rock and fell to the ground after landing on the rocks and the metal structure under which I park my Jeep. Not pretty! Cody was scared and ran to get Duke; who happened to hear my scream and was already outside making sure I was ok. I have to give him props as he wasn't laughing; I am almost certain that if the tables were turned, I would have been.

The only good thing about all this activity is, it can only go up from here.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend.


Lauren said...

Super cute clips. Sorry to hear about your driveway woes.

Deb Neerman said...

Your clippies are adorable!!!

When things get crazy and/or life-threatening like that, I lock myself in the house! No guarantee I still won't kill myself, or someone else, but it certainly decreases the odds!

You're right; things can only get better! Have a great (and safe!), weekend!


Annapurna said...

Never thought clips would work for bookmarks, but hey why not. Awesome clips. I will have to give one to my son. Hope Cody is feeling better.

Bouncy, Flouncy, Fun,Fun, Fun said...

These are so stinkin cute, Tina!
Sorry to hear about your driveway mishap. So glad you weren't hurt too bad!

My Paper World said...

So sorry to hear that Tina! Hope that your weekend is better!
Love the clips, they are adorable! xx

Adrienne said...

Im sorry you fell! I hate that!

I love your bookmarks though! ADORABLE!

Janine said...

YIPES!! Hope you are ok?? Love the clips!!

Allison said...

Great the little bird one with the CC Designs stamp!

Jenn D said...

The clips are adorable. Ouch is all I have to say. I'm glad that both of your men were there for you to help you out.

Lynn said...

OMG, I hope your going to be OK. So sorry to hear about your fall.

Cute clips!