Friday, December 26, 2008


I received several Bella images from my friend, Anessa. Her very favorite color is alien green and this card is a homage to her for her generosity and my adoration for her. The papers are from a MM paper pack and the patterns, while pretty, are a little bold and overwhelming. I think they look sophisticated with Winobella.
Here is the detail shot:
Hope you all had a pleasant Christmas and are enjoying this time with family and friends. We spent some time with Duke's son, Jason, and his fiancee, Tina. They helped Cody with his Wii games, Jason got him the much sought after MarioKart. Unfortunately, a few of his games require the nunchuk which we could not find. We don't play the Wii very often and Cody is less than careful with his belongings. So, we are on a mission to find it and also to pick up another set to make it easier and more fun to play together.
He had a great time on his 4-wheeler and I am thrilled to say that he is an excellent rider. I was worried, (let's face it, I still am), that he wouldn't be careful. But, he was cautious and was constantly checking to make sure we were watching him. I'll be sure to share pictures later.


AlienAnessa said...

OMGosh...OMGosh...OMGosh...OMGosh...OMGosh I so love this!!! Wowy zowy you did an awesome job on her!!!! You are DA BOOOOOOOOOOMMB!

Andrea said...

This is so cute!! Love it!

Danni said...

I already left a comment on SCS but had to say again, love this. The colors are so awesome.
We love our Wii, I love that the whole family can play.
And I think our job as a mom is to worry no matter what! LOL!

Rachel said...

Wow this is a great card! Love those colors and that Bella is too cute!

fishlips said...

Now this is a new year card if I have ever seen the bottle and that green dress wow party party party

AlienAnessa said...

Just came in to brag that this card is on MY scrapping desk!! ;)