Friday, December 19, 2008

Ashley's Stocking Stuffer

I made this to house some lip gloss for Cody's girlfriend, Ashley. If you don't recognize the template, it's from Lauren Meader for Paper Trey Ink. Really quick and simple while making a great presentation. I didn't embellish much since it's going to a 7 year old, LOL.

I got my new camera last night and am trying to get used to using it. It's a Canon XSi!! Definitely not a point and shoot, so I'm having a little difficulty with the settings, etc. I hope to have the basics down before Christmas.

Our work Christmas luncheon is today; should be lots of fun!


Danni said...

Cute! I bet she loves it.
Have fun at your luncheon!

Rachel said...

This is so cute! have a great luncheon. Oh, and did someone say new camera? Have a BLAST figuring out the settings!! :)

Jenn D said...

This is really cute! I have the template but never tried it out yet. I hope you had a fun day!