Friday, January 23, 2009

Care to Join Me?

ETA: A friend found Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer for me.....I am TOO excited!!

I was tagged by Laura yesterday, thanks Laura! And, I know that I have been tagged recently by a few of you, unfortunately, I can't remember who and I didn't 'star' the post. If you have tagged me, please let me know and I'll respond. Forgive me, but I have just been wrapped up in books.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who tagged you (as I did above).
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell 6 things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged.

1. I am the only left-handed person in my family, even my extended family.
2. I hate to wear coats and jackets, it feels like I'm suffocating.
3. I have an addiction to pens, buy some every time I go to the's sick! LOL
4. I spend too much time worrying- about everything.
5. I have few friends, but the ones I have are precious to me.
6. I am hoping for a long weekend away soon.

I am to choose 6 people to give this to, here we go:

Jenn D

I used Mercy Kerin's sketch, MTSC27 to be exact. I had been wanting to try one, and since I had a snow day earlier in the week, I did. It was a fun sketch that I am sure I will use again. It's pretty self-explanatory, except maybe you can't tell that I added Crystal Effects to the coffee cups.

Here is a close-up:


Cindy Haffner said...

Love your cute coffee cups, so sweet.

Cathy said...

So cute with the little cups!! Love it!

Jenn D said...

What a cute card. I didn't know you were a lefty. My sister is the only one in our family too. I'll get my list posted this weekend.

Danni said...

Cute card!! I don't know if I'll do the "tagged" but thanks for thinking of me!

Michelle said...

First off, thanks for tagging me. Second, LOVE the card!!! Who makes the coffee stamp? I'm a coffee junkie!!! Last, thanks for the site of Mercy Kerin's sketch...never seen that blog but it's really cool. I've bookmarked it since I'm also a sketch junkie!!!

Heather said...

Hi Tina,
So cute I love the down the page how would you put it not layers, but sections??? It is very cute and the hanging coffee cups tooo cute!!!

Great Card Tina!!!!


Risa Malieta W. said...

Thank you for taggin me Tina! I really enjoyed reading your tag, I just love to read these things. *smile*
How on earth do you make it in the winter? I usually layer with a sweater and coat this time of year. lol
I adore your card and those coffee cups are so darn cute!
I like to read also and I find it terribly difficult reading a good book and managing a blog!
Have a great weekend Tina and I hope you and your son have a great time!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the tag lady! This card is so cute. I love the layout.

Deb Neerman said...

Adorable!! Love the l'il cups!

Lynn said...

Awesome card! The colors and swirl embossing go so well with the coffee theme!
I'm like you I worry about way too much, we need to stop doing that, lol!

Sara said...


My sissy Margie is a Twilight Challenge DT- you should check it out!


Rachel said...

beautiful card love the colors and embossed background. :0)