Sunday, August 16, 2009

Unwelcome Occupants

Caught this little bugger last night right after bedtime. You may remember that a family of raccoons has lived around our home for the past few years and we have made the mistake of feeding them. Needless to say, this and at least one more have found a way into our roof and have made themselves a home there. Nightly, they fight and make so much noise that you wake from a dead sleep. Finally having enough, we borrowed this trap from my dad and are setting them loose into the park, far away from the house.

He tore Duke's plant to pieces trying to get out.


Lisa (lakind) said...

OMG...they were in your roof? Yuck!!!

Michelle said...

In your roof - ok that would have freaked me out but I would have totally tried to feed them like you did as well. Guess that won't be a problem now - thanks for going through this so I don't have too, LOL!

Jenn D said...

Awww, but aren't they cute?

I'm sorry they got into your house though. I love animals outside where the belong and I would have freaked having them above my head.

Meli Mitchell said...

Ew! That's ickity spickity. They carry diseases!!!!!!!!!

Lol. I'm a spaz.