Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Sucks

ETA: Our electricity service was restored this morning, thank heavens!

We didn't get tons of snow, but what we got was a wet, heavy snow. It wreaked havoc on the power lines and I have been without power since late Friday night. They are expecting that we will be without power for another 2 or more days. It really sucks because I just finished grocery shopping and have about $200 worth of food potentially going bad as I type.

We are staying with my parents until the electricity returns.

I head back to work tomorrow. I'll catch up with everyone as soon as possible. I don't mind taking breaks from creating or blurfing, but forced breaks are the worst.


Kim said...

Oh girl, I can't even imagine. Stay warm and I hope your power comes back on soon!

Michelle said...

Oh that sucks!! Hang in there - I'll be thinking about you!!

Lisa Foster said...

OH Bummer! So Sorry Tina!!!! Hope the power is back on today! Hang in there girl...I'm thinking about ya!

Christi said...

I am so glad to hear that your power is back on!!!