Sunday, February 28, 2010


Thought I would show some pics of the damage to the Jeep. WIth all the mud, it's hard to see some it, but trust me when I tell you that it's beat up pretty bad.

This is the driver's side, the mirror is hanging down, the front grill is in pieces, and the windshield is cracked to high heaven.

The front doors don't open at all, which means that the frame is likely bent.

Here is the passenger side of the car. Same situation with the mirror and door.

What you can't see is that the back side glass is broken and the roof is caved in partially. And, to think he walked away from it (up that steep hill) is indeed a miracle.

In this shot, you can see just how mushy this mud really is. You just sink right down into it.

Here is another view of the ride down, yikes!

There are sacrifices we all make to live where we want to live, unfortunately, this is one of ours. It's a blessing and a curse at the same time.


~amy~ said...

Oh my goodness Tina...I'm so glad that your hubby is okay...what a scare!

MsJay said...

Those two roads look too scarey. Hope everyone is well.

Dawn B. said...

Oh my gosh that must have been so scary. Glad he is okay..

Cindy Haffner said...

Looks SCARY!! So glad all is good.

Maria Gurnsey said...

So glad the car was the only one who got the damage!!!

Rachel said...

Wow!! so glad to hear everyone is ok!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

I am so glad your hubby is o.k.!! Sorry about all the damage.

Lisa Kind said...

OMGosh! I'm so glad he's ok! And that driveway would send me screaming to the city! Your house and property must be pretty amazing! Hope the Jeep can be fixed.

Risa said...

OMG.....thank heavens both you and your hubby weren't seriously injured!
Big Hugs

chriswooten57 said...

so glad he is ok.