Friday, February 26, 2010

Fly Away

I received Buggy Sayings a few weeks ago and am in love with this little bee. Although I don't like getting stung by the little buggers, I have to say that bees are special.

A few years ago, we learned about the plight of the honey bee and I have been a planting fool ever since. They really are diminishing in number and it's up to us to help them out. There are several articles describing what is happening to them, I encourage you to check 'em out.

The tulip border is one I grabbed off the SCAL Forum, it's so pretty. Cody helped by gluing the tulip heads on. I decided on some soft spring colors, no big surprise there.

Here is a picture of the muddy mess I call my driveway. I'm not sure you can tell by the photo, but we have about a 60 degree incline.

We have red clay as our base, and it is slick when it gets wet. We've had a very wet winter and the drive just hasn't had a chance to dry out. You can see the ruts and let me tell you that when you drive on them, they just kinda push you around.
You can also see the Jeep on the right in the distance. We were able to get it moved yesterday and now we can safely pass. I've left my Jeep parked at the bottom so I don't have to drive on it.
I keep joking that the silver lining to all this is that with all the walking to and from the car, perhaps I'll lose weight.


~amy~ said...

Super cute Tina!!!

Michelle VP said...

What a darling card! Love the springy colors and how you highlighted the tulip leaves and bee's body.

I grew up in the country and have been on muddy inclined roads like that. Had to travel one to get to our house or go for miles out of our way to go around. We've had so much snow and rain in NJ this winter that my yard has become a giant, muddy swamp! Today it's covered with another 7 inches of snow from the latest storm. {sigh}

Ginny said...

Cute card! The saying on it made me giggle out loud as I read it. That stamp is perfect for it.

Jenn Diercks said...

Wow, that's one long driveway. I hope it dries out soon for you. I can only imagine how slippery that clay can get when it's super soaked and saturated.

Your card is adorable! Cody did a fantastic job with those tulips.

Lauren said...

Fabulous card! Hopefully the weather will turn and your driveway will be dry and passable. :)

Allison said...

OMG...I would die on that road! I barely make it up our incline if it's at all icy here. Ugh!

Love all the dies and that sentiment is so cute!

Deb Neerman said...

Fabulous spring-like card, Tina! Great color combination and design!

Oh, your driveway looks just like the roads around here ... muddy and deeply rutted! Hard to believe in a City this big (and wealthy), that we still have all dirt roads, huh? That's the boondocks fer ya, huh?

Have a great weekend ... stay warm!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh love those colors, so pretty.

Christi said...

What a cute card Tina! OMG that driveway!! I am so glad that DH was safe!

Rachel said...

such a bee-utiful card!!!

Danni said...

Ugh to your driveway! Doesn't look at all fun to me! Hugs!!
Love your card, so sweet!

Risa said...

What a super cute card, I love the bumblebee and the tulips!
As a child, I remember my grandparents having a long unpaved driveway. It was fun to play on when dry but a crazy mess when wet and muddy. Good luck to you and I hope that everything works for the best!