Monday, August 9, 2010

Cody's Birthday Card

Since we went with a tropical theme for the party, it was only fitting to incorporate the colors for Cody's card. I went very CAS with this card.
The party went well, everyone seemed to have a good time. And, except for the heat, it couldn't have been a more perfect day. Of course, I tend to get teary-eyed and nostalgic when I remember the day he was born, but I try not to put a damper on the day. LOL

The pic above is of Cody and his friend putting on their hula skirts. They were a little sticky because of the heat, so they didn't stay on long.

Here he is with Victoria, his cousin. They were calling the bingo games, they had a blast being in charge of something. Poor fella, you can see how hot he was by his cheeks. They were all running around like wild animals.

All in all, it was a great day. I am still exhausted!


Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

What a gorgeous card Tina! Love the colors and CAS Layout. Your son looks so handsome and it looks like he had a great time at the fun party you planned. Parties like that can be exhausting.

~amy~ said...

LOVE the birthday pics!!!

Rachel said...

Fabulous card Tina!!! Happy Birthday Cody!! so glad he had a wonderful time at his party!!
Rachel :0)

Allison said...

Such a cool T would love this! Cute little boy of your own there with pinchable cheeks!

Cindy Haffner said...

Ohh FUN!!

Danni said...

Glad the party went well! Wonderful card!

Michelle VP said...

What a sweet birthday card for your son. I love how the wood-grain looks like water. Sounds like he had a fun party and you can be happy that it's over and done with. :)

alienanessa said...

Omg I soooooo love his smile! Glad he had such a great time, that card is perfect for him!