Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cauldron of Treats

I made some chocolate covered pretzels and some M&M test tubes for Cody's class this year. They always have some sort of small party for each of the holidays and fortunately, he's still young enough that he enjoys this too. I might have one more year left of this, but maybe not.

Here he is with one of his goofy smiles. 9 years old and still can't smile on command. I had to snap about 5 pictures to get one that was decent. It's hilarious to witness.

Here's a closer pic of what's inside. The pretzel were coated with candy melts and then I sprinkled on some Halloween nonpareils. They were slipped into a pretzel bag and tied shut with thin orange or black grosgrain ribbon.
The test tubes hold mini M&Ms, got them on Etsy then had to shop for small corks, also found on Etsy. They were a hit!


~amy~ said...

haha...gotta love boys:) super treats...they gotta love ya! Where do you get the pretzel bags?

Danni said...

you've been busy! Fun project!

Lisa Kind said...

OMGoodness! He is so adorable! And he looks so happy with his treats his fab mommy made! TFS!

Allison said...

Super duper fun. Wish you could have made 40 extra for me for T (ha!).

Carma said...

What a lucky class! The test tube M&Ms are so fun!!