Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glistening Trees

A huge thanks goes to Katie for keeping up with my blog posts, she saved my bacon! It truly sucks to be without an internet connection due to the weather (we went for nearly 5 days). The snow just ruins everything here!

I used Mercy's sketch from last week to complete this card. The woodgrain background is from All Night Media and the tree stamp is SU's Lovely as a Tree. I just added a ton of stickles to the trees to make 'em sparkle!

I was only able to get about 2 cards done during all the snow and wind; mostly because my fellas wanted/ needed my attention. I don't know what it is about being fed and keeping clean that they can't manage on their own! LOL But, it was nice to chill and spend time together- forced as it was.

We ended up with about 9 inches of snow, then much of it blew off the trees and added another couple of inches. Being on top of the mountain makes the thought of going down it with that much snow a little daunting. Nevermind worrying about whether or not you can make it back up the darned thing! So, I ended up taking my final 2 vacations days and really hope I can make it to work today.


~amy~ said...

gorgeous serene card...ick to snow:(

Tenia Nelson said...

Gorgeous card!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Very pretty!

Lisa Kind said...

Lovely card, Tina! Welcome back to the world of internet! happy 2011!

alienanessa said...

Happy new year TH!! Love this card, those trees are fantastic!! I sure wish you could enjoy the snow more, rather than be tormented by it, doesn't make me very happy that the snow keeps you from so many things - not the least of which are driving to work and getting online!!!!

Angelica said...

This card is gorgeous, Tina!! I'm sorry you got SO much snow. We struggle with that here in NE Wisconsin. It can be gorgeous, but enough is enough sometimes! LOL Very pretty though, love it! ~ Angelica :)