Friday, December 17, 2010

Treat Trio

I made about 6 sets of these boxes for co-workers and their children. The unfortunate thing is that it was last minute and I didn't snap a photo before they left my home. Thankfully, my friend Bex came through for me. *the kids had already been into them, so they aren't lying flat- so forgive the photo.

I got the template for these boxes at MFT, Poppin Petal Treat Trio. They were easy to cut and assemble and they look oh so cute! I then just embellished the box with lots of dies!

I am still at my folks' home, hoping to go home tonight. A friend that lives out my way said the roads are still too slushy and it would be near impossible to get back up my mountain. I could probably get home, but would have to walk up the drive. Uhhh.....I don't think so! LOL

So, here's wishing the temperatures rise and melt everything off.


Michelle said...

These are adorable! Oh so cute - off to check out the template as you know I'm a template fool! Sorry to hear you haven't been able to make it home - thankful that you have a place you can stay though!!

Lisa Foster said...

So Cute, Tina! I hope you make it home soon!

Cindy Haffner said...

FABULOUS Tina, love your boxes!!

Rachel said...

These are wonderful Tina!! I sure hope you finally made it home.

alienanessa said...

If it weren't for YOU, I wouldn't know about these cool templates. I'm serious. And the milk cartons that you sent me were GIANT HITS with the teachers!! This one, no exception, love this!! I should get the template and make these for V's day!!!