Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Floral Santa Drawers

I love 3-D projects and wish I made more time for them. They are always well received, especially when full of the recipient's favorite candy or treat.

This was made with some Sassafrass Lass papers and Coredinations cardstock. I don't care for the cardstock much, don't really know why except that it's textured. I definitely need to get a stockpile of good 12x12 cardstock going for projects such as these.


~amy~ said...

What a fab project tina!!!

Allison said...

Fun...what you gonna put inside?

alienanessa said...

OMG I'm gonna need to make that too!! I am in love with all the 3D projects you make, I too wish I just had more time for them, they are the coolest. And yep, I agree, they are pretty much always well received, usually the recipient can't believe you made something for them, let alone something functional containing their fave candy/chocolate!!!