Monday, March 14, 2011


My niece had her 8th birthday party on Saturday, her birthday isnt until the 16th however. She is obsessed with the color green, almost as much as my friend AlienAnessa. Seriously obsessed.
Well, she's a tomboy too, loves all things sports and boy toys. It cracks me up because she's so small and so sweet, I guess I want her to be a girly girl. So, I couldn't resist a few girly touches.

The Viva la Verve sketch seemed appropriate for no hassle card, this one came together really quickly, thankfully.

Happy Birthday Tori!

Work is still going along, things are starting to slow a tiny bit on the multiple daily deadline front which makes it easier to complete the tasks needed. But, my replacement doesn't start until the 28th. Hopefully, I can keep the fires out until then. Thankfully, our temp (the publisher's wife) is a tremendous asset to the office. She's keeping the paperwork moving and the phones answered. Whew!

Hoping I can find a bit of routine and normalcy next month.


~amy~ said...

gorgeous all the green. Hang in there at work!

igotstamps said...

Happy Birthday to your niece! This card is so cute and I bet she loved it. Good luck at work. I know how hard it is to find a balance. It took me 3 months recently here at home.

Allison said...

Super cool layout Tina! Great mix with the doily!

alienanessa said...

I think I like this girl ;-) *grin*

Excellent card, if I do say so myself! I'm not going to complain one stinkin solitary bit about the girly touches - love 'em! This is perfect -- I'd have keeled over if I'd gotten this as a birthday card!! =)

Only a couple more weeks until long-term help arrives, yay!! They knew who they were getting when they asked you to take all this on, and you haven't disappointed them once! And how cool that she's so great about helping!!!