Friday, July 8, 2011

'09 Swim Champ

I love this pic of the boy, he's so cute. I love his freckles, he gets them when he spends time in the sun and they are scattered perfectly across the bridge of his nose and under his eyes. Those giant blue eyes!

In 2009, he learned to swim on his own; a huge accomplishment for him. Now, he's a swimming fool; he'd go swimming everyday if we'd take him. He and Duke have a "swimming hole" somewhat close to home that he goes to during the week; but some weekends we head to the grandparents to use their pool. We always hope the cousins are there.


~amy~ said...

Such a cute guy!!! Love the layout!!

Cindy Haffner said...


alienanessa said...

He's too adorable for words, and I oughta know!!! Those eyes, they'll kill the girls, that's for sure!

Michelle VP said...

What a great picture - love teh close up of his face and that big 09 for the year! :)