Sunday, August 14, 2011

Surprise House Guest

Duke woke me up around 1:15 am today to take a look at what has been making so much noise at night. He's been hearing growling outside and knew it wasn't some of the small critters that we get from time to time.

This guy was just about 8-10 feet away from me! Isn't he just as cute as everything? What a treat.

Look at the size of him, he's enormous! The paws tell the tale there.

I'd love to give him a big, huge hug or just touch him; but I know that's a bad idea! These are just some of the simple joys of living in the woods, you just never know when you're gonna see something like this!


~amy~ said...

WOW....that's fabulous...

Michelle VP said...

Oh wow! Exciting, yet scary at the same time. Did you take this through a window?

alienanessa said...

Ookay lady, I've never seen a bear outside of a zoo! How stinkin cool!