Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Treats

These tombstones were too cute not to make for Halloween. I just placed 2 mini KitKat bars in there with some glue dots. These were general office treat boxes(I made 15) .

The dp pumpkin (I made 2) were for Cody's teacher and her assistant. The other pumpkin (I made 4) were for some of the gals at work. Each has some chocolate inside.

All the boxes were cut with my Silhouette and then assembled. Super easy!


terri said...

These are all great. I am sure they were appreciated.

alienanessa said...

Yay comments are back! Loooove these treat containers! I'm currently making a bunch of those little sour cream container thingies and putting hershey kisses in them...hoping they're a hit!