Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Gift for Katie

Well, my (10 year old) son is "going out" with the girl of his dreams! LOL He's been stressing over how to tell a girl that he liked her and he wants her to "go out" with him, he was so nervous.

They had a movie on Friday and she sat next to him. Apparently he spent the whole day being "super nice" so she'd notice him. Well, before you know it, she had her head on his shoulder and he was breathing a sigh of relief. It was such a cute story!

We went shopping for a Christmas gift for her on Saturday; she told Cody she wanted nails. Well, we got nail polish beause he finally admitted that she wanted to decorate her nails instead. So, we found scented polish in some pretty colors that was in our price range.

I grabbed some paper with some of the same colors in it; it's American Crafts. The box was cut with my Silhouette, as was the bow. The bow was cut with 3 different colors, it's so tall on the box and looks super cute. I placed a large pearl in the center.

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alienanessa said...

10 and in love {I know, not really, but still}, it's too cute! Do you remember how nerve wracking it was, wondering if "he" would take your hand during the movie? Jeepers, I do, I can still muster up the goose bumps hehehehehe

This box for her gift is beyond wonderful! I can hardly believe that as soon as I read about how to work the Silh, I'll be possibly creating some of the cool things YOU do!!