Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Want Some Sweet Treats?

I wanted to finally do a vinyl project with my Cameo; I had purchased some vinyl a while ago and Cody spotted it this past weekend.

We have a set of jars on the dining room table that I fill with seasonal candies and treats. We decided this would be our first project. I designed the lettering and used white vinyl which provides a great contrast to the treats I have inside. It instantly looks dressed up!

The nugget candies were wrapped with address labels that I printed some digital paper onto. Much faster than stamping and I won't feel as sick when they end up in the trash. They still look pretty and I hardly had to break a sweat. I used papers from Sheri K Designs; you can find her work on Etsy and loads of other places. Her prices are amazing for what you get!

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alienanessa said...

Dang, that is just plain awesome!!