Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaden

My nephew, Kaden, celebrated his birthday earlier this month. He's such a fun kid, he needed a fun card.

I used Jen's SFYTT for June; that big circle had me thinking about a moon. I opted for a rocket card with lots of colors.

I added some crystal effects on the windows of the rocket itself, so cute. And then, grabbed my stickles for the star, flames, and the 6. While I normally wouldn't use glitter for a boy card, Kaden is pretty over the top and I'm sure he'll love how sparkly it is.And, well, it goes with the theme! LOL


~amy~ said...

fun rocket card Tina!

alienanessa said...

Lady, you can only IMAGINE how much I love this card!!! That rocket ship would look GREAT with a Wobble behind it. I'm going to send you some, though you might not be very likely to actually give the card away!!