Monday, July 16, 2012

Card Candy

I have been itching to use the Card Candy cut file from My Time Made Easy for a while now; in fact, it was purchased for Valentine's Day gifts, but I never got around to making them. I added some dashed score lines to make it easier for me, but you can score with a bone folder as well.

I decorated the front with a simple sunflower, grass, and clouds. The grass was embossed with polka dots and the cloud was cut from the paper and then patterned paper, from Echo Park's So Happy Together collection, was placed underneath.

Here is a peek of the inside; I had some chocolate covered sunflower seeds that worked perfectly for this project.

Cody and I are thrilled to be home after spending nearly a week at my parents' home. We got our driveway graded and scraped, repaired; then the rains came. It's rained every single day since Thursday, July 5th. With the rain, no rock on the driveway, and no spare 4-wheel drive vehicle, the most logical course of action was for me to stay somewhere else as not to damage the road any more than the rain was. Cody, of course, wanted to go with me. We came home Saturday evening and had to be escorted to the house by Duke in the one 4-wheel drive vehicle we have.

We're hoping for some sunny days, at least a few that will let the road dry completely so that we can get some rocks on it. But, I think we're having more rain for the next few days only getting a break closer to Tuesday. We'll see how it goes.


~amy~ said...

LOVE this Tina...what a great giftie!

alienanessa said...

Too awesome, I love gifts like this...makin' 'em and receivin' 'em!

alienanessa said...

And I am soooo sorry about the driveway! Ugh!! I have one car that would make it - the Subaru Forester - and one that would have an absolute fit - Toyota Camry.