Friday, September 21, 2012

Decorative Canisters

These are terrible photos, it's so hard to get a good one when the objects are super shiny and reflect light.

I purchased some sleek new canisters that are smaller than the ones we use currently; we don't use the contents as much these days, so it was time to downsize and free up some counter space.

I wanted to dress them up and reached for my white vinyl and some scroll designs to help me out. I just used a basic font and coupled it with a lovely design on top and then a basic decorative line beneath each.

I absolutely love them, but Duke thinks I uglied 'em up.....ugh! In any case, I think they look nice and feel good knowing they're one of a kind. I can even change the design when I tire of it.



alienanessa said...

Those are stinkin' awesome!! Love the font, love the flourishes, love the white on the silver, and Duke had better change his tune if he ever wants more Baby Ruth!!! LOL :)

Tangii said...

These are awesome!!!